Personal Care Attendant Services in Suburban Chicago

At MettaShuttle, we provide medical appointment transportation and personal care attendant services to and from doctor visits, as well as for other medical care needs, throughout the suburbs of Chicago. Our team and vehicles can handle your personal requirements, whatever they may be. We specialize in wheelchair transportation, stretcher transportation, special needs transportation, and bariatric transportation. If you have a heavy, oversized, or electric wheelchair that does not fit in other transportation vehicles, we guarantee that MettaShuttle can fulfill your needs with our wheelchair accessible vans.

If attendant services are necessary for your safe travel to and from your appointment MettaShuttle can provide you with specialized services helping you from within your home to your appointment and then back within your home. Our providers will even sit in on appointments with you upon request. We can help ask questions and relay information to family members who could not make it to the appointment. In addition, our attendant services aid in getting up, down, or finding a way around, stairs. We’ll help you maneuver wherever you need to go.

Beyond the act of personal care attendant services in suburban Chicago, we see value in offering extended customer experience options. We schedule our vehicles so there is little overlap for appointments. Our intent is to stay busy enough to keep our vans full, but not so busy that you are left waiting. We do everything within our power to ensure clients have the most comfortable, safe, and time-effective trip possible. If you would like to bring additional passengers such as a spouse, family member, or friend, they are more than welcome to ride along. Just let us know when you book so there is the right amount of space. When a family member cannot come, but would like to know you’re comfortable and safe, our team can let your family know when you arrive to your doctor’s appointment and back at home.

Not only do we strive to maintain excellent customer service through our interactions with our clients, we also strive to provide top-notch vehicles. Our vehicle design is intended to have a relatively low profile, so when you select our transportation services, will you travel safely and in style. All our fleet vehicles are equipped with a power converter just in case you need to power a breathing machine, laptop, or other such device that needs a 120v outlet.

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