“What forms of payment do you accept, do you accept private insurance and medicaid?”

We accept cash, check, and debit or credit cards as well as insurance form private companies or medicaid. MettaShuttle will work with private insurance or medicaid to obtain prior approval for covered trips.

****  At the moment MettaShuttle is working on obtaining approval to provide Medicaid rides and will update the site when this option becomes available to MettaShuttle customers

Who Benefits From Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)?

NEMT Patrons: First and foremost NEMT services benefit the disabled and elderly.  Anyone that is not capable of driving themselves, who is not in need of emergency transportation, and needs to make it to and from a medically necessary appointment can benefit from NEMT services.

How does the availability of NEMT service affect the country?

A lesser understood beneficiary of NEMT services are the american tax payers.  Several sources indicate that federal spending on MENT services saves America money. One of which sources is the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) who have shown that NEMT services save United States taxpayers money.  Many NEMT patrons avoid costly trips to the emergency room when they able to make it to medical appointments.  Those without transportation are likely to await the need for a much more costly catastrophic event. Such catastrophic events require an ambulance and emergency  room visit to deliver people the services they need. The NCSL concludes that if 1 out of 100 NEMT trips results in saving a trip to the emergency room that every $1 spent of NEMT services would save the tax payers $11. In 2016 the U.S. spent $1.2 billion dollars on NEMT services, if the NCLS conclusion is accurate that would translate into millions of tax dollars saved simply because people have a means by which to make it to their doctor appointment.