Medical Transport Service in Suburban Chicago

MettaShuttle offers immediate pickup and regularly schedule appointment non-emergency medical transportation. MettaShuttles medical transportation services are fitting when our clients experience traumatic life events but do not need the level of care affiliated with ambulances. Since we do not perform medical services our prices save you precious resources. We provide transportation for clients who otherwise would not be able to make it to their medical appointments.

  • Injured ankle
  • Hurt Knees
  • Broken Bones
  • Hip injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Surgery Transportation
  • Other injuries requiring orthopedic care

Our non-emergency medical transport services can take you a doctors appointment, assisted living facility, rehabilitation facility, or directly to an ER or Immediate Care center in suburban Chicago, additionally we do residential pickups and will return you to your home after your appointment. If NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) services are the best mode of transport for you or your loved one, if they cannot bear weight or walk without assistance, if they need help up and down stairs, chances are that MettaShuttle medical transportation services are going to be a good fit for you and or your loved one . MettaShuttle is an ADA compliant transportation service that goes beyond basic care. We take an active interest in in your well-being (which is the definition of Metta), physically and mentally, from the moment you first contact us. Serving the Chicagoland suburbs, our team and vehicles are well prepared to help you get where you need to go when an ailment or injury does not allow you to safely enter a regular vehicle.

Our Immediate Transport Team

One of the most challenging aspects of trying to find or use non-emergency service is encountering people who don’t fully acknowledge or understand your specific needs and that is not the case at MettaShuttle. Rest assured that we strive to go out of our way and do whatever is within our capabilities to make your experiences with MettaShuttle as pleasant as possible. Our drivers and representatives are well trained in non-emergency ambulatory transport. You mind will be at ease once you are familiar with the level of car you will receive with us.

Our Vehicles

Our NEMT vehicles are a safe and comfortable way to travel. All drivers have experience and equipment to aid you or your loved one, all the way from inside the home to your destination and back. Beyond essential logistical necessities, we want to enhance your overall ride experience. Each vehicle has a quality interior with an inconspicuous design that allows you to travel throughout the suburbs of Chicago in style. We also provide access to 120v ports so that you can charge anything you need such as breathing machines, laptops, or other devices. If ride comfort is a concern and the bumpiness of road conditions causes you pain rest assured that our vehicle are selected to provide a smooth ride, we have had great feedback from our customers in regard to the overall ride comfort our vehicles offer.

Let’s get in Touch

If you’re interested in hearing more about our non-emergency medical transport services in suburban Chicago we encourage you to get in touch with a MettaShuttle Dispatcher and discuss your needs. Representatives at our Batavia office look forward to hearing from you. You can reach them by phone at 630-270-8697, via email at, or through our contact page.