Special Need’s Transportation Services in Suburban Chicago

MettaShuttle is here to provide the special need’s transportation service that is right for you. We offer assisted transportation services throughout the suburbs of Chicago for wheelchair bound, elderly, disabled, or special needs cases, all of which make traditional modes of transportation difficult or impossible to use.

Whether you need transportation for a one-time event, such as a doctor appointment or family event, or have a routine schedule for work or school, our services can be scheduled as one-time or routine trips. Our drivers are never overbooked, so you have our assurance that we will appear where you need us, when you need us, to the best of our ability.

Caring, Professional Special Needs Transport Drivers

The knowledge of our educated, caring special need’s transportation service drivers will put your mind at ease. All our experienced Chicagoland drivers and representatives are fully capable individuals ready to help with any support you or your loved one requires. They are trained in wheelchair, stretcher, and lift support. Additionally, all representatives have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in psychology to help them respond appropriately and with understanding to your specific needs. It is our goal to guarantee your safety and comfort through the most ideal travel arrangements.

Special Needs’ Equipped Transport Vehicles

Each non-emergency special need’s transportation vehicle and driver are prepared for almost any situation you might have. Your experience throughout the ride is just as important as the logistics of getting you where you need to go. Each vehicle has a quality interior with an inconspicuous design that allows you to travel in the suburbs of Chicago in style. In case you need to charge a device, all vehicles have a 120v port available to you or any additional passengers you have with you. Ramps, lifts, and other mobility assistance options are available—just let us know what you need when you make your appointment.

More Information

Want to know more about our special need’s transportation service? When you’re ready to chat or book an appointment, contact one of our professionals by phone at 630-270-8697, via email at MettaShuttle@gmail.com, or through our contact page. We’d be thrilled to talk with you about our non-emergency special needs transportation.